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Taste of Lanka

We promise you to bring only the best food, guaranteed to be 100%  organic.  This is the place for you to visit to enjoy proper Sri Lankan cuisine.


Straight from Organic Farms.

Our Delicious Story

Organic farming has always been our passion which led to the start of Three Star Organic Farm in 1998. A home based start up that grew into a successful business  (Click on www.threestarorganic.com to know more!) 

inception in 1998 introducing ready to cook cut green leaves and cut vegetables we’ve been able to launch a number of certified organic products to Sri Lankan households during our journey of over 2 decades. As pioneers in the certified organic market we managed to expand our business by opening “Ranbath”, the first ever organic heirloom rice serving restaurant in 2012 at Diyatha Uyana, Battaramulla.


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Featured Delicacies

Fresh From the Farm

All cuisine is served with heirloom rice

Organic Heirloom Rice

Served with 5 Vegetables of your choosing. All completely organic farm produced

Sri Lankan heirloom rice and Curry

Kurakkan Rotti with Lunumiris

Contains, Kurakkan Flour, Shredded Coconut, salt.

rich in calcium, iron and fibre. This is highly recommended to people who intend to have a high fibre diet

Kurakkan Rotti

Mung Kiribath

Green gram milk rice served with lunumiris.


munata kiribath

Banana & Kithul Treacle Hopper

A Sweet Delight, We all crave for served with Banana pieces and Kithul Treacle with Milk hoppers

Banana and Kithul treacle hopper

Imbul Kiribath

Imbul kiribath is mostly a specialty of Sri Lankan grandmothers.

made of Kiribath and Coconut scraped, Treacle (coconut or kithul), cloves, salt

imbul Kiribath with sweet coconut

Fresh Fruit Salad

a Mix of seasonal fruits such as Papaya, Pineapple, Banana, Nelli, Water Mellon, Oranges

Fruit Salad in Eco Friendly Coconut Shell

Take a break from the world, enjoy your meal

Dine In Restaurant

a quiet peaceful atmosphere within the heart of Colombo is a luxury when you instantly want to get away from the busy streets and spend some quality time.


They All Love Our Food

It’s our passion to farm. Its our love for food that brought you Ranbath. Its you who made it possible for us to serve the best with a big smile on our faces.

"Awesome place for a breakfast with healthy food as healthy as it can be"
- Prahas V
"මම දවසක් රන්බත ගිහින් බත් කෑවා. ඊළඟ දවසේ ඉඳන් තමයි මම සිංදු කියන්න පටන් ගත්තේ."
- Sanuka Wicky
"I was recived your foods through 'uber'.It's very tasty,delicious,clean and helthy as I see.I love that foods have been packed with 'nelumkole'. continue it..... thak a lot.....!!!"
- Pahasara
"After spending almost half a year in total in Sri Lanka, I finally found my dream restaurant. It's all organic, virtually completely vegan, super delicious, local, seasonal, aware, healthy, transparent, friendly and affordable"
- JC Silver